Privacy Policy

This page stipulates the privacy policies for Clay City Studios Ltd. (“”) pertaining to information that may be shared with reserves the right to expressly modify any privacy policy within this document at any time without the user/user’s consent. Through this site’s usage, the user fully agrees to be totally conversant with our privacy policies. refers to this website.
1. Personal Information
Where the need arises, you may be required to submit certain personal information such as your name, address, telephone, and electronic mail. Every payment on this site is processed by a third party implying that we never at any single point hold information regarding your credit card, bank, or any other financial information. cannot disclose any personally identifiable information belonging to this site’s users unless:
a) As stipulated herein
b) As given between a written document between you and
c) When the need arises to enforce rights in an agreement between you and allows you to control data shared to us and also allows you to express your views pertaining to this privacy policy.
At no point shall we ever obtain information among users below eighteen years. Parents or Guardians are thus advised to control their children’s online activities.
2. Anonymous Information
“Anonymous Information” means any information not regarded as personal information. Anonymous information may comprise of IPs or browsing information. Anonymous information at will only be gathered for system administration or to enhance your browsing experiences. Since we have no advertisers, we will also not share your information with advertisers. will only use your Ip address when enforcing compliance with this site’s usage.
3. Sharing Personal Information
At no point can we share your personal information without your consent. Third-parties enabling us to provide our services have the right to utilize data for the provision of better services but are prohibited from sharing personal information without the user’s consent. Whenever new services are incorporated at and the services required personal information, we will inform you. Personal information can only be disclosed to law enforcement agencies during criminal investigations and when we have sufficient evidence to prove that criminal laws are in place to prove that the user committed the crime.
4. Third-Party Relationships collaborates with third-party service providers to enhance the experiences of our users. It is upon the user of this website to be conversant with third-party privacy policies and make an informed decision of whether to continue utilizing the third-party services. Third-party services are not under our control thus, it is upon the user to determine whether to continue third-party services when directed to the third parties.
5. Security conforms to the most updated secure protocols and thus tries to ensure that the most modern security technologies are applied for clients using the site. Security measures by ensure that there is no misuse, alteration, or loss of data. However, we cannot fully that there will be no loss, misuse or alteration of data. Although we do not guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of data, we make all efforts to ensure that the best security procedures and technologies are in place to avoid this occurrence.

6. Contacting Us
For any questions regarding this privacy policy, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Articlewriterhub reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time but all updates will be published on this page.